This young man from Quebec, Julien, has already realised adventures that many still dream of. It’s in 2002 that he discovers the world of canoe-camping. With his participation at the Camp-vacances Kéno, quickly, he finds himself in a micro-society where nature becomes his home, the canoe his accomplice and water his confidant. Since 11 years, it’s at the camp, where he goes every summer, firstly as a participant and then as an instructor, a guide, and as a head, that he learns what he knows, what he is and what he is capable of. By offering him a technical training of canoe and of outdoor activity life, and a personal and social training as a participant and then as a youth worker, the camp let himself develop fully and put into practice the theories of his curriculum in Educational Sciences.

In this way, after have rowed the river Metabetchouane and the Ashuapmushuan in 2008 and 2009, he participate in larger trips. In 2010, he sailed hte Moisie river (30 days) and in 2011, the Romaine river (36 days). Thus far, he considers the Romaine as the most enriching of all of his life acomplishments. In that trip, he had the chance to observe the wilderness being exploited and broked by man, just before the wreck of the Romaine IV hydroelectric dam project. He is aware to be one of the few that has knowned the Romaine, that has sailed it entirely and has enjoyed its untamed beauty. Lover of nature, great solitary wolf of the woods, Knight of the rivers (his totem), he stays attached to the camp to be a camp counselor and to guide the youngest. Supporter of the « giving back », in 2013, it was teenagers of 16-17 years old that Julien had leaded on Quebec’s rivers.

Bachelor in Adaptation scolaire et sociale from the Sherbrooke’s University, coach of the Cégep de Sherbrooke swimming team, swimmer for the university’s Vert et Or team, student representative, intern, Julien gives a lot of time for the others. Great talker, solitary at times, protective brother, loyal friend, independant of heart and mind, generous and empathic, litterature lover, always curious about everything, his head full of projects and dreams to fulfill, it’s in nature that he finds his balance and regulate the tempo of his life. Authentic and with a beautiful ingenuity, Julien still asks himself why there is only 24 hours in a day…

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